Project 1

In order to ensure the best quality of Auto knit wear Ltd of Auto Group,  each item (Garments Accessories) of every Order & Style must be inspected by following the below systems. At first, the responsible QC inspectors will be collected all kinds of necessary documents including approval from responsible concern person against that accessories before starting the inspection in any Receiving accessories. Then as per AQL those goods should be inspected randomly according to 10 % of receiving qty.  During the inspection if the defect qty is more than 01 %, the inspection result will be failed. After that, the non-conformity report against problematic goods will be submitted to the concern persons for reviewing. Then those accessories (failed qty) have to dispose according to the written decision by authorized persons for segregating the defective goods.

Pls note, if is found doing a few pcs such problem-wrong information goods, mixed colors & mixed sizes in a delivery pack it must be informed to the concern persons through the non-conformity report for reviewing. As there is no acceptable quality level in this kind of problem.

Inspection Failed Qty: The inspection failed qty shall be re-inspected as per 15 % of receiving qty after checking by the supplier people. If the result of re-inspection is failed it should be 100 % inspected for bulk.

Accessories inspection Reports: It must be reported both pass & fail all kinds of accessories inspection as a record in daily & thus all accessories inspection reports of each order must be kept to save at least in one year as a record  for showing as presentation.